About us

Our hands are an integral part of how we express ourselves; just as our gestures convey meaning, the way we take care of our nails says a lot about who we are as a person. That’s why here at California Nails & Spa, our experienced and friendly staffs go above and beyond to provide our clients’ individual needs with the most polished, professional, and durable nail care in the Waterloo-Kitchener area. We take pride in our manicures, pedicures, gel, acrylic, and shellac treatments, and of course, our famous bespoke nail art service. Choose from one of our 350+ nail art designs or create one of your own and let us help you bring it to life—there is no design too complex for our nail artists.

The expertise of our staff goes beyond what we serve to who we are serving, our customers. We are committed to provide a range of personal grooming and massage services in our carefully-maintained, clean, and hygienic premises. When you visit California Nails & Spa, you can sit back, relax, and rest assured that you’re receiving the safest and most comfortable care in the hands of our experienced, knowledgeable personal care professionals. We are passionate about helping our customers to both look and feel their best.

At California Nails & Spa, we delight in serving a diverse range of customers. Over our many years of service, we’ve made little girls feel like princesses, pampered great-grandmothers, and given businesswomen a place to unwind and feel beautiful. From 4 to 94 is an age range that we are honoured to have served, which is taken seriously as we remind ourselves of being an all-age beauty stop. We pride ourselves on providing not only aesthetically beautiful nail care, nail art, and grooming, but also kind, gentle, and approachable customer service.

Our philosophy is that everyone is welcome here—Or, if you prefer, we can come to you. We’re happy to take our nail care and spa treatments on the road, serving groups at birthday parties, weddings, company events, and other special engagements throughout the Waterloo, Kitchener, and Cambridge regions.

Call us at (519) 804-9285 to book an appointment today, or stop by our salon at 465 Phillip St (Albert St & Phillip St intersection) in Waterloo. We’ll be happy to greet you, show you around our premises, and discuss the nail and spa treatment that’s right for you.